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Who are the Interactive Gaming Council and what do they do?
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01 September 2009

Who are the Interactive Gaming Council and what do they do?With so many gaming sites popping up on the web, it’s hard to keep them in line with one another. Various entities work hard to ensure that no rogue sites are implementing policies that give the industry a bad name. One of the more reputable groups out there, the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC), is an association that serves as a collective voice for the interactive gaming industry.

With the always changing atmosphere of online gaming, the IGC works hard to ensure that players are treated fairly in an honest environment, and that people employ responsible gaming. The IGC takes a two-pronged approach: improving the sites offering the games, and increasing awareness among those playing the games.

All members of the IGC are wholly dedicated to achieving the goals-even if lofty-they outline, and like any reputable community, they welcome new members and comments and support from individuals with constructive criticism and ideas on how to improve the Council’s effectiveness and leadership capabilities.

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