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California Tourist Attractions - Trail Canyon
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23 July 2010

California Tourist Attractions - Trail CanyonPeople visiting the southwestern United States often stop in on southern California. Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in the world, and there’s certainly no shortage of sights to visit and to see while there. One of the more underrated activities in CA is a sightseeing venture down the Angeles Forest Highway. Locations like Trail Canyon make this trip worth the effort.

Directions to any destination on the road, including Trail Canyon, are pretty much self explanatory if you’re driving on the Angeles Forest Highway. You’ll be cutting through the Angeles National Forest and thus have immediate access to a slew of overlooks, campgrounds, trails, recreation centers and other stops along the way.

Trail Canyon is found in the Big Tujunga Creek segment of the highway/forest. The driving gets a little bit more dangerous in this segment as the road narrows and rock slides are often a hazard, and this is why trails along this section do so well. It gives visitors a chance to get up-close-and-personal with the habitat.

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Major Attractions Surrounding Las Vegas - Mummy Springs
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20 July 2010

Major Attractions Surrounding Las Vegas - Mummy SpringsThere aren’t many places to walk to in seclusion if you’re in Las Vegas. With the many restaurants, shops, casinos and other large buildings in the metro area, Sin City is basically the city life on steroids. Outside of the city, however, is a different story. The Clark County area offers plenty of hiking locations for visitors, including the popular Mummy Springs.

Mummy Mountain stands tall as the second highest peak of the Spring Mountain range in Nevada. It got its name due to resembling a sarcophagus of ancient Egypt. Mummy Springs is a trail found further down the mountain and makes for great hiking that even beginners can enjoy without having to worry about hardcore climbing.

Mummy Springs is a quaint location prized by the locals and a favorite of pet owners. Many people walk their dogs up the trail, so much so that there had to be laws passed for having animals on the trail. If you take a dog, you must have a leash no longer than six feet. All waste must also be removed. These rules are for the other visitors’ convenience.

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Nevada Attractions - Sandstone Canyon Overlook Horse Trail Loop
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19 July 2010

Nevada Attractions - Sandstone Canyon Overlook Horse Trail LoopThousands of hikers around the globe make the trek every year to Las Vegas, Nevada, of all places, to experience a hike around the Spring Mountains and through the various red rock formations in the Red Rock Canyon area. The Sandstone Canyon Overlook Horse Trail Loop is one of the more popular destinations for hikers and sightseers in the area.

The Spring Mountains in southern Nevada are huge and offer a never ending assortment of activity potential for visitors. From a small Clark County community called Mountain Springs, you can get to the Sandstone Canyon Overlook and experience a difficult hike that will test the limits of anyone who enjoys hiking as a hobby.

The overlook is located on the actual Mountain Spring trail pass, so you have to go up the mountain a bit before you even get to it. This is the type of destination you go to, knowing full well what you’re getting into. All visitors should be ready for a hike; and if you’re bringing horses, make sure you’re an efficient rider before attempting to climb the trail.

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Major Attractions Surrounding Las Vegas - Cathedral Rock Trail
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10 July 2010

Major Attractions Surrounding Las Vegas - Cathedral Rock TrailHiking has always been a popular activity for those among us who like to stay active, but a simple walk around the block just won’t do. Real hikers want to get out and experience various trails and mountains from all around the globe, and many make the trek to Nevada to hike along the Cathedral Rock Trail.

There are many formations named “Cathedral Rock” around the globe, and most every one takes its name due to the temple-like shape of the rock. For the Cathedral Rock located in Nevada’s Spring Mountains, the red rock rises straight up out of the ground and has a flat plateau with plenty of room on and around the rock for hiking.

The actual Cathedral Rock Trail will take hikers around the formation and through other parts of the Spring Mountain range. The actual rock is just the focal point of the entire trail. This majestic rock rises in the air around 1000 feet above the road below it. Anyone climbing to the summit, if they don’t experience vertigo, will access a priceless view of the surrounding area.

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