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Worlds Top Private Jets - Bombardier Global Express XRS
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28 December 2008

Worlds Top Private Jets - Bombardier Global Express XRSBombardier Aerospace introduces their Global Express XRS, a long-range business jet that was released as an improved version of the original jet. This new jet offers higher cruising speeds, improved cabin layout, greater range, and much better lighting. The letters “XRS” are said to have no real significance.

They were selected by focus groups who hoped to revitalize the overall brand of Global Express. The GE first arrived on the scene in 1999. From the first flight, it was clear that this jet offered something different from competitors. Not only is the Global Express used as a private business jet, they’re also used by the UK Ministry of Defence.

The XRS adds extra fuel for an ultra long-range flight. It can travel 6,150 nautical miles at .85 Mach without having to refuel. This aircraft also has a new design called “zero flaps” take-off ability, which allows the jet access to more airports.

The jet first entered service in 2006, and since then, the price has climbed to around $45-million. With improved computer systems onboard the XRS, it takes approximately 15 minutes less to completely refuel the jet, even though the tank holds 1,486 extra pounds of fuel.

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