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Howard Hughes Biography
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30 March 2009

Howard Hughes Biography

Howard Hughes is one of those American figures that will always live on in folklore. He was known to be everything from a little eccentric to full-blown crazy. People who got to know the rarely seen off-again-on-again billionaire described him as a tortured genius with no sense for the value of money.

However, Hughes managed to create a gigantic fortune in his time and he single handedly lifted the aviation industry to a higher stratosphere. Hughes was also a film producer/director, a sporadic socialite during his early years, and a renowned philanthropist. In 1958 at the height of his fortune, Hughes was worth around $13-billion - which is around $43-billion today.

Howard Robard Hughes was born December 24, 1905 in Houston, Texas. He was the only son of Alene and Howard - who was a millionaire inventor specializing in machinery for the oil industry. Hughes' parents both died two years apart and he was an orphan at 18. He was left an estate worth $871k and a patent for a drill bit. Hughes seized control of his father's company and used the revenue to finance his movie business. He produced such classics as Scarface, The Outlaw, and Hell's Angels.

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