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Property For Sale - Hans Lollik Islands in The Caribbean
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24 May 2010

Property For Sale - Hans Lollik Islands in The CaribbeanPersonal property for sale is certainly nothing new. Expensive cars, lavish homes and luxury jets are bought and sold frequently. However, it’s not very often than an entire island comes up on the market – much less two. Located in the US Virgin Islands, the Hans Lollik Islands are currently for sale by their owners, Bruce Randolph Tizes and Peter R. Morris.

The smaller island is known as Little Hans Lollik. Little Hans isn’t so small, however, and is still a rather large private island of a few hundred acres. Great Hans Lollik Island is the jewel, at around 600 acres. The two sit side-by-side only 8,000 feet removed from St. Thomas.

Located in the Eastern Caribbean, Great Hans Lollik Island and its little sister island are both perfectly suitable for human occupation. In fact, these islands were long inhabited by people of the region and their presence has played a large role in the ecology of the island. During the 1700s, Great Hans was a perfect tropical location to grow cotton.

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