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Around the Canyons of Hurricane City
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15 April 2011

Hurricane City in Washington County, Utah is a small city in the western side of the United States. It has a considerably small population of around 10000 persons but the city does maintain a steady growth pattern over the years. The name for the city came about after Erastus Snow, a church official experienced a whirlwind which blew the top off of a buggy that he was in and said: "Well, that was a Hurricane. We'll name this Hurricane Hill.”

The city had a historic Hurricane Canal to direct the water from Virgin River which had once caused flood around the surrounding areas. A lot of effort was put into the project which spanned over 10 years and with the assistance from the neighbouring Virgin and Grafton areas. Amazingly, the long canal was built using only picks and shovels!

The canal has since been preserved and maintained by the locals since 2000. Visitors can visit the historic site and take a stroll along its steep slopes and many have commented that the steep slope has the effect of making the canal to seem floating in the air. The lime kiln and sandstone kiln to make the cement for the canal can be seen at the side of the narrow canal.

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