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Bio of David Bowie - a True Rock Enigma
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30 March 2010

Bio of David Bowie - a True Rock EnigmaAlmost impossible to describe with any one adjective, rock enigma David Bowie has been a world famous singer and actor for nearly five decades. Born January 8, 1947 in London as David Robert Hayward Jones, Bowie is perhaps the most famous glam rock entertainer of all time, sharing the title with - and earning it because of - his alter ego Ziggy Stardust.

David grew up in Brixton, a poor part of London, and claims to have decided on his career at a very early age. Bowie would turn to music for an escape, but unlike many who share a similar story, David’s musical tastes were perhaps more eclectic than any other music star in history.

By the time Bowie was a teenager, he was already on the music scene and trying out different bands. He fronted such bands at the King Bees, Mannish Boys, the Konrads and the Lower Third. David was also acting in small stage roles and working in advertising, and this reflected in his varying musical tastes.

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