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Legends in Concert - One of the longest running shows
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12 October 2009

Legends in Concert - One of the longest running showsLegends in Concert is a show that’s been running in Vegas for 26 years. Fortunately for the show’s producers, it’s still wildly popular and showing no signs of slowing down. There are just too many legends to imitate, so the show may never go under. It was started in 1983 and first performed at the Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino.

The original creator was John Stuart Productions, but the show is currently owned and produced by On Stage Entertainment. Legends in Concert has shows all across the US, including Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Branson, Missouri; Atlantic City, New Jersey, and more locations.

The show takes the idea of celebrity impersonators to a whole new level. It’s truly fantastic. You get to see imitators that look and sound exactly like the stars they’re supposed to be, and to top it off, the stage production is absolutely stellar. Legends in Concert is hands-down the best impersonation show going in Vegas today.

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