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What are the biggest attractions at this Year's ICE show in London
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27 January 2012

This year’s ICE Totally Gaming show will be taking place in Earl’s Court, London from January 23-26 and as usual will attract some of the biggest names in the industry. The event will be split into three different shows; The Betting Show, ATEI and the IGE. The ICE Show is likely to attract up to 20,000 people.

This four day event is designed to bring together the leading innovators from almost every corner of the gaming industry, including the buyers and the sellers. Business operators and individuals can learn about various aspects of the industry and try to implement these ideas into their own business strategies for the coming years.

This year, people will be able to catch up on the latest technology new and various other aspects of the industry. The main attractions will be the latest advances in e-gaming technology and also the major discussions relating to key areas of the industry.

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