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Ultimate Gifts Steinway Lyngdorf Model-D Music System
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17 September 2010

If you’re planning on purchasing a gift for the music lovers out there, then you’ll certainly have plenty of options. You can also choose from something like an iPod, a Zune player, or a countless list of other MP3 players. If you’re looking for a real gift though - something ultimate - then the Steinway Lyngdorf Model-D has everything you want and then some.

Audiophiles of the world appreciate nothing more than great sound. An old, scratch-laden record has its place in the hearts of the nostalgic, but with the new digital age comes higher demands on sound quality and standards. The Model-D takes what you think you know about good music and literally amplifies it.

The Steinway Lyngdorf Model-D is like the best of theater surround sound taken to an entirely new level. Not only does this gigantic music system stand out as the most impressive thing in any room, but the sound quality is truly impeccable and the type of engineering used is cutting-edge and, to this point in audio engineering, one of a kind.

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