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Playtech's Marvel Multi-Level Progressive Jackpot Network Explained
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28 June 2013

Since launching in 2002, Playtech’s progressive jackpot network, known as Win a Jackpot, has paid out a staggering €195+ million in winnings. This attractive progressive jackpot network is available across all of Playtech’s gambling platforms. In more recent years, Playtech has developed a variety of branded Marvel™ comic book slot machines and these innovative video slots are all connected to the same prize pool which is called the Marvel Multi-Level Progressive Jackpot.

This jackpot network actually connects approximately 20 online slots, which includes titles such as Thor – The Mighty Avenger, Ghost Rider, Punisher – War Zone, Dare Devil, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Blade, X-Men, Elektra, Fantastic Four and The Incredible Hulk. Some of the ones mentioned here are available as 25 paylined versions, or as 50 paylined versions, such as The Incredible Hulk for example and Iron Man 2. When the games have two versions like this, the one with fewer winning paylines has a slightly smaller jackpot up for grabs.

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