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German Student Wins $25,000 Jackpot Prize at Titan Poker
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13 August 2006

German Student Wins $25,000 Jackpot Prize at Titan Poker

Poker newcomer Christian Todte from a small town in western Germany was stunned when he won five straight $5 + $1 Maui “Jackpot Sit 'N Go” tournaments to claim a $25,000 Jackpot Prize at popular online poker room Titan Poker. Christian started the tournament at midday on July 19, 200, and hardly dared to take a break during his five and a half hour winning streak.

Speaking after the tournament, Christian said, “I started to play at noon and only stopped in the evening after winning five consecutive tournaments. After succeeding on the 4th tournament, I felt special and I knew that I was very close to getting the jackpot. I was so excited at this point that I had to take a break of 15 minutes before I was able to start the last one.

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