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Have you been bitten by Hello Kitty?
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14 January 2009

Have you been bitten by Hello Kitty?

Cooking supplies, clothes, lunchboxes, games, a television show, and other fashion accessories - is there anything Hello Kitty doesn't do? Originating in Japan in 1974 with their signature vinyl coin purse, Hello Kitty quickly made its way to the United States in 1976. Today, the Hello Kitty line pulls in over a billion dollar annually, and you can find Hello Kitty stores and boutiques all over the world.

When it comes to clothes, you've probably seen the Hello Kitty line, even if you've never purchased or wore anything from the brand. The trademark symbol of the line is a white cat adoring the front of handbags, t-shirts, and more. Girls from their toddler years to well into their adult lives purchase clothes from the Hello Kitty line, and the fashions continue to evolve to meet today's fashion-conscious needs.

Last April, the Hello Kitty spokes model - the short, white cat adorned in red - needed a makeover. This popular cat character was featured in an issue of Japanese Vogue, where she was dressed in the latest autumn and winter designs by mega-popular designers like John Galliano and Dior.

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