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Richard Branson Biography
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24 April 2009

Richard Branson Biography

A plane that gives tours in outer space, a private island that has a list of celebrity visitors longer than the Four Seasons, and a taste for adventure that prompts him to leap from planes, cliffs, and occasionally pilot boats and hot air balloons - this is Richard Branson.

The multi-billionaire is the founder of the Virgin brand. Branson has an estimated worth of $4.4-billion, and he seems intent on spending every penny of it. Branson has been married twice - Kristen Tomassi and Joan Templeman - and has two children, Holly and Sam. Branson was knighted in 1999 for his contributions.

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson was born July 18, 1950 in Blackheath, London, England. At a very young age, Branson had already decided that the music business was something he might want to venture into one day. By the time he was 16-years-old, Branson was already beginning his entrepreneurial ways by publishing a student magazine in high school.

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