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The Cobden Club London - A cornerstone of the free trade movement
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22 January 2010

The Cobden Club London - A cornerstone of the free trade movementAs the political landscape in England started to change in the mid to late 1800s, various political parties were doing whatever they thought necessary to grow their base, share and hone their ideas and ultimately effect change in the country.

While the Conservatives, Whigs, Liberals and other political parties had their fair share of property and membership, so too did lesser known parties, like those affiliated with the Free Trade doctrine. For the Free Traders, the Cobden Club was founded. Although not technically a recognized political party, believers in the Free Trade doctrine still had large numbers and a branch of the liberal base.

The original Cobden Club was founded in 1866 and had exclusive membership. All members, no matter what their main political affiliation, were firm believers in free global trade and how it would subsequently bring peace and prosperity to much of the world.

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