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World's most Exclusive Bars - 21 Club
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25 August 2009

World's most Exclusive Bars - 21 ClubAmerica is a culture that works extremely hard to glorify excess. It is how money is made, pure and simple. We see this predominantly in the many alcohol advertisements on the TV; however, it wasn’t always like that.

America went through a long period of prohibition, where all alcoholic beverages were forbidden to be sold or consumed. As a result, many establishments opened “underground” and were referred to in some circles as speakeasies. One of the most famous speakeasies of the era was the 21 Club in New York - opened on New Year’s Eve 1930.

The club had first opened in Greenwich Village in 1922 as a speakeasy, but it wasn’t until it reached its destination of 21 West 52nd Street that it adopted its now current name. After the police raided the establishment, the wine cellar was placed behind an extremely large steel door where it remains to date. This raid was the first of many to take place during the prohibition era, but the owners were never caught in possession of alcohol.

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