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Top Las Vegas Shows - Sin City Comedy at the V Theater
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12 May 2010

Top Las Vegas Shows - Sin City Comedy at the V TheaterApart from gambling, nothing quite says Las Vegas like a good, old-fashioned comedy show. Many try their hand at entertaining the tourists with humor, but only a very few actually succeed. One of the lucky ones, able to weed through the muck, is the comedy-slash-burlesque show Sin City Comedy.

There’s certainly nothing flashy about the name, but it’s ironically poignant in a classic Vegas sorta way. With the city itself, you would be hard-pressed to find any comic not taking shots at Vegas, but Sin City Comedy doesn’t get by on selling the same old cigarette-smoking senior citizens routine.

Playing at the V Theater on the Miracle Mile in Planet Hollywood, Sin City Comedy deals with three comics (subject to change at any time) delivering both separate sets and partnered skits. As the show starts, the comics make it clear that self-deprecating humor and Las Vegas certainly go hand in hand.

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