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Luxury Yacht Sales FRIDAY Builder: Cantiere Navale Arno
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16 September 2010

One of the reasons the rich and famous of the world decide to build luxurious yachts is that they want to stand out. With the Cantiere Navale Arno-built Friday motoryacht, standing out has never been a problem. Even though the yacht has only been around for three years, there isn’t a yacht enthusiast alive who isn’t fully aware of this unique ship’s presence.

Friday isn’t what you’d call conventional at all. Resembling the head of a rattlesnake more than resembling any other yacht on the water, this speed boat on steroids-like motoryacht is extremely lightweight, comprised almost entirely out of graphite composite materials, and is probably the fastest thing its size ever to touch water.

When Friday was designed by the renowned naval architect Andrea Bacigalupo, he threw the book out and decided to go with something extremely original. For sheer size, it isn’t the largest thing cruising right now. Friday is only 100-feet in length. And most of the action takes place inside due its shelled construction.

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