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So where did the traditional tuxedo originate from
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09 July 2008

So where did the traditional tuxedo originate from

The tuxedo is perhaps the most elegant form of fashion for a man. It can be semi, or full-on formal as with black tie events, and is a favorite way to dress for millions of men worldwide. A traditional tuxedo jacket is woolen and single-breasted.

The jacket has peaked, shawl, notch, or trick lapels, traditionally covered with satin, and modern styles are trimmed in grosgrain or wool. The tuxedo is worn when black tie attire is specified. In recent years, the American tuxedo has distanced itself from the English dinner jacket and other black tie conventions.

Various styles of tuxedos exist now, and they're popular among men from all walks of life. The easy-to-make style ensures that a tux will be available for any size, and in any fashion.

A man dressing up for formal affairs is nothing new. In fact, the European opera houses of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries wouldn't let a man in unless he was appropriately dressed.

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