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Overview of Personal Aircraft Manufacturers Icon
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07 January 2010

Overview of Personal Aircraft Manufacturers IconSince the Wright Brothers first took flight in 1903, the world of aircraft has changed tremendously. While most of today’s aircraft manufacturers are tried-and-true mainstays in the market, some of the more popular are actually brand new companies, doing things a little bit differently by breaking from the status quo.

Founded in 2005, Icon Aircraft Company is a privately owned and operated business aiming to make aircraft and aviation more accessible to the general public. Only a little more than four years in the business, Icon is already considered to be among the top in their respective field - and, ironically, they haven’t released a plane yet.

Icon deals in aircraft differently by focusing on the fun more than flying. Instead of designing and developing aircraft that are suitable for merely transportation, Icon develops a line of sleek, stylish planes that are both attractive and fun to fly.

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