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World Fastest Cars - Koenigsegg CCX
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16 May 2009

World Fastest Cars - Koenigsegg CCX

The Koenigsegg CCX combines raw power with an attractive style that makes it perfect for a Sunday drive down the coast or a quick race at the track. This Swedish supercar is a sight to behold if you're a fan of sports vehicles. The body itself is enough to induce a purchase from many.

The two-door car has a sleek and stylish body that looks more like a fighter jet than a conventional car. The removable top is able to be stored under the trunk, so changing on the go isn't a problem. The carbon-fiber construction also adds a lightweight durability to the body. Similar to Lamborghini, the actuation doors add another stylish and convenient touch to the exterior.

Koenigsegg released their CCX (Competition Coupe X) in 2006 at the Geneva Motor Show. Another model was also released, the CCXR, that ran on bio fuel, making it very eco-friendly, but the original model is the one that's stuck in the hearts and minds of sports car enthusiasts everywhere. After this lightweight, powerful roadster with a wide wheelbase and picturesque body arrived at the show, it was clear Koenigsegg had developed a real contender.

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