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Luxury Yacht Sales KOKOMO Builder: Alloy Yachts
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06 October 2010

Yachts in today’s world are bigger, longer and faster than most yachts previous. It’s not that yachts in general are getting larger, but the demand for private ownership of mega yachts is increasing the world over, even in this time of economic downturn. One of the newer yachts to be built and placed on the market is 2009’s Kokomo.

Kokomo is a very impressive sailing yacht, coming in at 58.4 meters and built by world renowned shipbuilder Alloy Yachts. As you can probably glean from their name, Alloy is a state-of-the-art shipbuilder, employing new technologies and composite materials in their yachts.

The benefit of using the latest and greatest materials and technologies is that yachts operate better and for longer now than they have in previous generations. The stronger composite materials mean there’s less maintenance to fool with, plus the customary 10-year refitting process can take a back seat to longevity.

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