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A Review of Lady Ann Magee Yacht built by Codecasa
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20 February 2011

The beautiful Lady Ann Magee yacht built by Codecasa was built in 2001 in Italy. It is an absolutely spectacular yacht with a real feel of luxury and will ensure that you will never forget it.

The builders, Codecasa, established their shipyard in 1825 in Viareggio, Italy and have been extremely popular ever since opening. Since its initial launch in 1825, the shipyard has passed down through the generations and has developed and advanced every step of the way.

Lady Ann Magee is a truly inspiring and beautiful piece of naval architecture, and its aesthetically pleasing exterior design and styling is instantly recognisable. Codecasa are responsible for the design of all parts of this wonderful vessel.

The interiors were designed by Franco, and the exterior styling and all parts of engineering are down to the collective expertise and craftsmanship of the highly professional and artistic Codecasa team.  The yacht was refitted in 2007 to ensure it maintained its excellence.

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