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The Casino at the Empire Leicester Square A Historical Account
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09 January 2011

The Casino at the Empire Leicester Square is a highly opulent place that boasts of some really glamorous atmosphere and a high end crowd. It has more than 55,000 square feet of casino space and claims to offer a ’Vegas experience in the heart of London.’

The Casino at the Empire is the place to be if one is interested in gambling. It is recommended even for people who can’t afford, as it will be a wager one would only be happy to take!

The Casino is spread over the two floors of grandeur and there are many places to look out for and many tables to splurge and gamble at. At the ground floor, one finds a lot of tables and slot machines, in case you are not too interested in the card tricks and games.

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The Hippodrome Casino in London's Leicester Square hopes to launch in August 2011
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24 November 2010

I was lucky enough today to have an opportunity to take a look around the current construction site of the soon to be Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square, London.

Many a time have I walked past this construction site and wondered what on earth was going on inside, with the front boarded up and a make shift theatre ticket booth taking its place, it seemed that no one cared enough or was brave enough to do something with this prime location real estate.

About a year ago I started noticing that activity was taking place. There was the innovative circus show called La Clique which housed a short run show here, with great success. They went on to create the new show called La Soiree currently showing at the Big Top on the Southbank. This is a cool new show, I went there a few weeks ago and it’s a fabulously entertaining spin on traditional circus shows.

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