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Worlds Top Resorts - Cayo Espanto
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12 October 2008

Worlds Top Resorts - Cayo EspantoBelize is one of the more famous countries in Central America. Formerly known as British Honduras, and once part of the great Mayan and Spanish empires, Belize has a storied history that rivals Greece and Rome. Vacationers love visiting the area, and in recent years, more people are enjoying their stay at the private resort, Cayo Espanto.

There are only six villas available at Cayo Espanto, but don’t let the island fool you, it’s quite deceptive. With ruffled mangrove borders and a palm tree center, Cayo Espanto appears to be a very large island, and you’ll never see another guest unless you’re out on the water or on your dock.

The anonymity of the island has made it a favorite spot for today’s celebrities. Among the many famous frequent guests are Robert De Niro, Tiger Woods, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

As well as being breathtakingly beautiful and secluded, Cayo Espanto is also famed for its fine cuisine. This isn’t like a 5-star restaurant that serves appetizer portions for dinner - Cayo Espanto dishes out the gourmet meals at belly buster rates. With all of that food, guests will definitely need some exercise to work off the calories.

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