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Which Licensing Jurisdictions impose the toughest regulations on their Licensees?
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11 June 2012

There are various different licensing jurisdictions around the world that regulate the online gambling industry, with some jurisdictions being tougher on their licensees than others and some are well-known to have higher standards than others.

This section explores the main licensing jurisdictions from around the world and reveals where the best online gambling portals are actually licensed from. Also, players should know that where these online casinos are actually licensed doesn’t always mean that this is where they operate from.

At the lower end of the scale of licensing jurisdictions (that don’t tend to impose strict regulations) are jurisdictions such as Panama, Costa Rica, Anjouan/Comoros and Belize. It is more likely that a rogue online casino would operate from one of these Central American online gambling licensing jurisdictions. It appears as though they hand out licenses to any old operator, providing they can afford one (and possibly a bribe as well) with little or no background checks on the casino operator.

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