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Yves Saint Laurent - the man and the brand he created
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09 September 2009

Yves Saint Laurent - the man and the brand he createdYves Saint Laurent has become one of the most popular fashion brands in the modern world. Taking inspiration from turn-of-the-century attire and constantly modernizing it with a “today” look, YSL is a consistent contender for every major fashion award in the land.

The company’s namesake, Yves Saint Laurent, was born in Oran, Algeria in 1936. He intended on becoming a fashion designer from a young age, showing his drawings to the famous director of Vogue, Michel de Brunhoff, at only 17 years of age. Laurent was immediately published and introduced to a hotshot designer named Christian Dior. Laurent and Dior worked closely until Christian’s death in 1957.

Laurent turned tragedy into triumph by taking over as lead art director for Dior, and subsequently launching his first collection for the Ligne Trapeze Company that year. Surprisingly, the success of the line rivaled Dior’s, and Laurent won a Neiman Marcus Oscar.

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