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The Exclusive and Historic Carlton Club, London
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05 January 2010

The Exclusive and Historic Carlton Club, LondonPrivate gentleman’s clubs in London are a big deal and have been for hundreds of years. While other countries like the US have their fair share of private member’s only clubs, it is England’s rich history that really gives these types of clubs the royalist feel.

The Carlton Club in London claims to be one of the oldest and most elite private Conservative clubs in not only England, but the world. Although its popularity has tapered off significantly since the height of its regard some hundred years ago, the club is still frequented by more than a handful of affluent members. The clubhouse was established for and still used by UK’s Conservative Party (political).

While the Carlton Club may be located in the old Arthur’s Club location now, it was originally founded in 1832. Tory Peers (the namesake of the traditionalist political philosophy Toryism, not a person), gentlemen and MPs started a private club to chat and coordinate various party activities after their party lost the First Reform Act.

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