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Worlds Top Fashion Brands - Louis Vuitton
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03 January 2009

Worlds Top Fashion Brands - Louis Vuitton

The Vuitton name has carved out one of the world's strongest niches. Their handbags are classic, sheik, elegant, timeless, and any other positive word you could dream of attaching. The Louis Vuitton name is no stranger to fashion enthusiasts around the world. And since the mid 1800s, many people have been well aware of their overall presence and influence on subsequent style.

In 2008, the name Louis Vuitton is synonymous with high fashion. And most of their stardom has to do with the classic handbags they sell, but they also offer shoes and other accessories.

Louis Vuitton came onto the scene in Paris circa 1854. The brand started primarily as a developer of high-end, handcrafted leather luggage. Shortly thereafter, their handcrafted handbags quickly became a huge hit with many of the women in France.

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