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Mansion Casino & Casino.com Get Upgraded
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25 March 2017

Mansion Casino and Casino.com are two top Playtech casinos that are controlled by the same trusted operator known as the Mansion Group. By now some of you will have already noticed that these two highly recommended online casinos both recently relaunched completely new websites. Everything is still pretty much the same as before, but the new looking websites are now far more stylish and user-friendly than ever before.

In other words, you can still tell that they are the same awesome casinos underneath their shiny new exteriors and if you hadn’t already noticed the changes they should only take a few minutes of getting used to. The Director of Marketing Communications at Mansion, Faye Morse, commented on the recent changes, saying, “The visual rebranding of Casino.com is just the beginning – we have an exciting year of activities planned as we work to further strengthening our key brand.”

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