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Exclusive, Unique Gifts - A Personalized Wax Sculpture
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29 June 2010

Exclusive, Unique Gifts - A Personalized Wax SculptureWith all the many forms of digital media available to the public in this day and age, you can have your photo snapped with a multitude of a devices and, unfortunately, even without your knowledge. Being immortalized can sometimes be unflattering and, even if you enjoy having your picture taken, there are different ways to live on forever.

A personalized wax sculpture is a great way to impress your loved ones - friends or family - by giving them the ultimate gift of a handcrafted, carefully sculpted wax figure of their image (bust or entire body) or that of something they hold close, like a pet or even an inanimate object.

Wax sculpting has been around for centuries, and while the process has essentially gotten easier due to various types of molds, casts and higher grade waxes, the best artists out there still do things the old fashioned way by actually taking their tools to the sculpture and refining the wax strictly by hand.

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