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Is Andy Murray Prepared For the Australian Open as Rain Dampens His Preparations?
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20 January 2011

Andy Murray is Britain’s number one player and is seeded 5th for the Australian Open, but is he prepared enough to play well in the tournament?

Murray was due to play a warm up match last week against Marin Cilic in Melbourne, but as heavy rain fell and cancelled an entire day’s play, the whole four day event was totally ruined and it is leaving much speculation over whether Murray will be prepared enough for the big matches.

Cilic, who Murray was due to be up against in the warm ups, was beat by Andy Murray in the 2010 Australian Open at the semi finals. He triumphed his way to the finals, but lost the end match against Federer with scores to Federer of 6-3, 6-4 and 7-6.

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