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Company Overview - Private Aircraft Manufacturers Mooney
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04 August 2010

Company Overview - Private Aircraft Manufacturers MooneyPersonal aircraft manufacturing companies have been around longer than jumbo jet liner companies. When man first took to the skies, it wasn’t in 747s; it was in small, personal aircraft. That style of flight, while certainly not as trendy, has always been around and has been going strong throughout the years, as evidenced by the Mooney Airplane Company (MAC).

MAC’s headquarters is located in Kerrville, Texas, USA, and this American company has been producing airplanes for private use on an impressive scale since the mid 1900s. Mooney was founded in 1929 and, although falling on hard times in 2008, the company sold off its back stock of aircraft in 2010 and plans on resuming business as usual going forward.

Mooney produces single-engine general aviation airplanes. If the company name sounds familiar to aircraft enthusiasts, that’s because Mooney’s most famous for their achievement of the first pressurized piston-powered single-engine aircraft, called the M22 Mustang. They’re also credited with the M20TN Acclaim Type S, the fastest airplane at the time.

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