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World's Best Helicopters - MD 902 Explorer
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22 June 2010

World's Best Helicopters - MD 902 ExplorerWhen people think of business-class charter air vehicles, they usually think of large private jets with cushy seating and lavish amenities. However, helicopters are getting ever-more popular for private travel and some claim that helicopter travel over short distance is far more efficient. and the MD 902 is the perfect example of a large charter helicopter doing the job of a business jet and doing it well.

The MD 902 is the crown jewel of MD Helicopters’ fleet. MD began in 1947 and started introducing helicopters to the aviation market in the 1950s. In 1984, the Summa Corporation sold their stock in the company to McDonnell Douglas, who quickly took MD in a new direction after forking out over $500 million for it.

In the early 1990s, production of the MD Helicopters began, with only two basic models (though there are a few variations within the set models) to date – the MD 900, and the vastly improved MD 902.

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