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Royal Van Lent Launches Luxury Mega Yacht Trident
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24 February 2011

Royal Van Lent launches luxury mega yacht Trident shouted the headlines back in 2009 when this amazing yacht was first brought to the attention of the world. The Trident is 65.22 metres long and it offers traveller's absolutely unparalleled luxury while they are on board. In fact people who have been lucky enough to climb aboard this luxury mega yacht have all been astounded at its features and facilities.

The exterior and interior of the luxury mega yacht Trident was created by Donald Starkey in collaboration with De Voogt who is a renowned naval architect. The exterior of the yacht have clean flowing lines with modern touches here and there such as the glass bulwarks set into semicircular shape extensions which are located on the aft decks. Inside the yacht the decoration is sophisticated, elegant and bright which makes it look more like a luxury hotel than a yacht.

Another stunning feature of the Trident is the elevator which makes people travelling inside it feel as though they are encased in marble. It is this kind of feature that sets the Trident apart from many of the other luxury yachts that are currently sailing today. This is why so many people are keen to climb on board and experience life on board this luxury yacht for themselves.

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