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Carlos Slim Helu Biography
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02 July 2009

Carlos Slim Helu Biography

Many people throughout the world have no idea who Carlos Slim Helu is, although he is undoubtedly one of the most famous men in Mexico's history. With a net worth of $60-billion, Helu has for some time reigned supreme as the second-richest man in the world.

His transition upwards from this position is imminent, as the world's number-one richest man, Warren Buffet, recently announced plans to give the majority of his fortune away. This will leave Carlos as the king of all things money. Carlos is a paradox on some levels. He is a jack of all trades, and seemingly a master at them all as well. His talent for making money defies logic, and his holdings continue to grow at an astounding rate.

Carlos Slim Helu was born January 28, 1940 in Mexico City, Mexico. Carlos isn't of Mexican descent; his parents were Lebanese immigrants: Yusef Salim Haddad and Linda Helu.

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