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How Las Vegas was founded
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11 July 2008

How Las Vegas was founded

Las Vegas, which in Spanish means “The Meadows,” was named by Spaniards in the Antonio Armijo party, who used water from the area while heading north and west along the Old Spanish Trail from Texas. In 1844, John C. Fremont traveled into the Las Vegas Valley, while it was still part of Mexico.

He was a leader of a group of scientists, scouts, and other observers for the United States Army Corps of Engineers. In 1855, Brigham Young assigned 30 missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to the area in attempts to convert the Paiute Indian population to Mormonism. A small fort was built near the current downtown area, serving as a stopover for weary travelers along the “Mormon Corridor.”

Las Vegas was then established as a railroad town in 1905, when 110 acres was auctioned off in what is now downtown Las Vegas. Las Vegas was part of Lincoln County until 1909, when it became part of newly established Clark County.

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