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Top Restaurant Review - Bras, France
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14 February 2009

Top Restaurant Review - Bras, France

France is one of the most historical places on the face of the Earth. You may not be intrigued by their long and storied history with Great Britain and the many Kings and Queens who have left their fingerprints all over the area, but you will undoubtedly recognize that French cuisine is considered the finest in the world. Michel Bras runs a small restaurant in the Aveyron region of France, simply known as “Bras”. This unique dining experience is known as French food at its finest. With a family-friendly atmosphere, Bras' son helps to run the restaurant and his mother still drops in to make her Aligot dish from time to time.

Bras is far off the beaten path. Instead of being found center-city like many of New York's famous restaurants, Bras is located atop a plateau, nearly 4,000-feet above sea level. The restaurant is beautifully rural, built with grey granite and modern glass block to give it a contradictory appearance that plays very well with the surrounding area.

The hilltop landscape doesn't stand out as unique, but the modern-meets-classic architecture is stunning, and the views of surrounding hills and fields below are incredible. Inside of the complex, every aspect is contemporary. The dining room is very unique, a triangular-shaped structure with floor-to-ceiling glass. Overall, the ambiance is distinctive and very inviting.

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