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Top Fashion Brand Roberto Cavalli
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19 May 2009

Top Fashion Brand Roberto CavalliOne of the most recognized fashion brands to date is Italy’s Roberto Cavalli. Name of both the brand and the man who created it, Cavalli is a high-end fashion line that produces everything from shoes to sunglasses, and the couture, mega-expensive items worn in between.

Born in Florence, Italy in 1944, Roberto Cavalli had a firm grip on what he expected to do with his life as an adult. He wanted to be a fashion designer. He attended the Florence Art Academy, and after graduating, he and a female companion he met in school began painting t-shirts in 1965.

At only 21 years old, Cavalli was ready to delve into the world of fashion. He set up a factory where the printing of the painted tees would take place, and along with a few young friends, his painting sessions would sometimes get a little messy. Tattooing had been an art for thousands of years, but painting on skin is something that no other fashion designer was doing.

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