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Biography Of Eccentric Nightclub Owner Peter Stringfellow
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17 June 2010

Biography Of Eccentric Nightclub Owner Peter StringfellowThe Stringfellows nightclubs and gentleman’s clubs in London and Paris are considered some of the top nightlife locations in the world. Many famous celebrities frequent the Stringfellows night spots, and there have even been reports of famous individuals, like Canadian actor Keifer Sutherland, being thrown out for unruly behavior.

These nightclubs are hot spots for the wealthy because of one man, Peter Stringfellow. Peter not only provides a place for the rich and famous to gather, but he himself leads an eccentric and extravagant lifestyle. The multi-millionaire businessman and nightclub magnate is constantly the butt of tabloid rumors and media bashing.

Peter Stringfellow has a Paris Hilton-like relationship with media, in that his outlandish behavior and famous spending sprees are always receiving ridicule from British media. The 69-year-old Stringfellow is berated for dressing and acting like a teenager. He is also a supporter of the UK’s Conservative Party – a position that frequently earns disrespect in the mainstream.

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