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The Monaco Yacht Show
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11 March 2010

The Monaco Yacht ShowThe 19th annual Monaco Yacht Show was held September 23rd through the 26th. An estimated 30,000 people arrived over the three-day event, making it one of the busiest in recent memory in terms of foot traffic. However, this years show seemed to feature fewer businesses in attendance and fewer big yacht unveilings.

The lack of big-budget releases can be due to the economic downturn finally forcing even the rich and famous to tamp down their spending habits. It can also be to avoid negative publicity. Some publications love nothing more than to rail against the owners and companies of the newest and most lavish yachts, especially in times like these. It sells papers.

However, the event was far from a bust. An estimated 500 companies participated to showcase their latest offerings to the world of yachting. Not only do the companies have a welcoming and eager platform to unveil their latest builds, but it also gives them an opportunity to whet the appetites of potential buyers by divulging news and plans of future builds.

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