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On the Route 66 Highway: Barstow, California
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13 March 2011

Like any Californian city, Barstow enjoys the Mediterranean weather. However, it is not located by the famous beachside that California is so famous for; the city is actually part of the also-famous Mojave Desert. The Mojave Desert plays a key part in the development of this city as the line of transportation is built through Barstow thereby making it an inter-city transportation centre.

The perfect time to visit Barstow is during the spring or summer as the climate will be extremely cold during the winter times. This is mostly contributed by the low moisture level in the atmosphere as the day turns to night, the city experiences rapid change of temperature. The locals find the weather just fine because they get just enough sun during the day and an enjoyable night sleep with the cold breeze at night.

Barstow is a quaint, little Californian city with a small community and low living standards. It oozes the wild western feeling despite being small. The city of Barstow has been trying to up its ante to attract more visitors over the years and it certainly serves as a perfect destination for adventure seekers.

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