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Steve McQueen - One of America's best-loved actors
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23 September 2009

Steve McQueen - One of America's best-loved actorsMany say that if he was from the UK, Steve McQueen could have easily been the quintessential James Bond. Others claim that he was the original on-screen tough guy, the “King of Cool,” and during the 1960s and 70s, McQueen’s roles as the antithesis of a hero made him one of the top box office draws of the day.

Fans of McQueen respected his humble roots. When Steve’s star was shining bright, America was going through a massive culture shift. Steve’s life reminded some that the American dream was still possible. He was a small-town boy from a broken home, with a poor education, but still managed to become one of the highest-paid actors in the business.

Elvis and The Beatles had an uber-fan following, but they were musicians primarily. McQueen had the same amount of fanfare for simply acting in movies. The only real difference was the primary gender of the fans. Every guy around wanted to be Steve. McQueen embodied what it meant to be your own person for many.

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