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Top Restaurant Review - Mugaritz, Spain
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05 February 2009

Top Restaurant Review - Mugaritz, SpainThere’s something about Spain that is overly appealing to diners around the world. It could be that the land is rife with ancient history. Or perhaps the beautiful scenery is warm and inviting. It could also be that restaurants like the famous Mugaritz are just a little better than other restaurants in the world - and we all know that people will choose the best over the rest any day of the week. Mugaritz is located in San Sebastian, Spain in a beautiful and eloquent setting. Before diners even walk into the restaurant, they’re blown away by the surrounding ambiance.

It’s long been said that a person eats with their eyes and nose long before eating with their mouth. To give you a great overall dining experience, different lighting techniques, plate and food colors, and smells are used at Mugaritz to make a diner feel comfortable and to stimulate appetite. The award-winning head chef of Mugaritz, Andoni Aduriz, was once an apprentice at the world famous El Bulli, also in Spain.

While El Bulli deals with haute cuisine, Mugaritz deals with molecular gastronomy. This technique - more than a “style” of cooking - is a scientific principle that studies the physical and chemical processes that occur in cooking. It pertains more to the mechanisms behind the transformation of particular ingredients in cooking, as well as the social and artistic components of culinary phenomena.

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