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Top Las Vegas Shows - Marriage Can Be Murder at Fitzgeralds
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16 March 2010

Top Las Vegas Shows - Marriage Can Be Murder at FitzgeraldsThanks to such interactive comedy hits like Tony and Tina’s Wedding, there’s always room in Sin City now for a play-along production involving the guests and expecting them to be drawn in in order to pull off a good show.

One of the longest running in Vegas has been the hit comedy-slash-suspense thriller, Marriage can be Murder.   If you’re a fan of the old board game and hit movie Clue, then Marriage can be Murder is probably a great show to see.

It has that who-done-it feel going on, where some audience members will get to participate in the storyline, looking for the killer. This dinner show is suspenseful, funny and entertaining all rolled into one package.     

The show takes place at the beautiful showroom at Fitzgeralds on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. The showroom is designed to look more like a banquet room, with guests sitting down to enjoy dinner while playing along. It’s a legitimate dinner, with salads and entrees and even a dessert. The real show starts after eating.

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