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National Museum of Singapore
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23 January 2011

This amazing history museum was first established in 1849 but has been relocated and had its name changed several times.  After returning to its original location in 1887 where it remains to this day it has under gone many transformations, most recently in 2006 when it reopened after a 3 ½ restoration which included the opening of the Singapore History Gallery.

The National Museum of Singapore is the oldest in the country and an architectural icon to its people; it is host to the 11 national treasures and presents the history and culture of the country in a conventional way.  Through exhibits and colourful festivals the Museum has become a vibrant place to discover precious artefacts and mesmerising works of art.  The permanent features show off the countries culture through; history, film, photography and food all of which are allocated their own sizable gallery.

The treasures of the National Museum date back as far as the 14 century and include; the funeral hearse of Tan Jiak Kim, mace of the Singapore City, the will of Munshi Abdullah, portrait of Sir Shenton Thomas and Frank Swettenham, which can all be viewed in the History Gallery.

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World's Most Exclusive Auction Houses - Skinner of Massachusetts
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27 October 2009

World's Most Exclusive Auction Houses - Skinner of MassachusettsWith so much competition from auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s, it’s hard for other names to even be recognized, much less stay in business long enough to build up a solid reputation. However, the American auction house Skinner has managed to stand toe-to-toe with other giants of the industry and not only hold their own, but even out duel the heavy-hitters in many areas.

Skinner is on a relatively small scale, only dealing primarily in one state and in two locations, but their reach is expansive in terms of sales power. A lot of their business and reputation comes from the appraisals they perform of fine art and other items to be auctioned.

Skinner has reputable galleries in Boston and Marlborough, Massachusetts. The company is a full-service auctioneer, dealing in both antiques and fine art. Their auctions are held year round in both of their locations.

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