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A Short Biography of Vanessa Redgrave
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22 March 2010

A Short Biography of Vanessa RedgraveFamous English actress Vanessa Redgrave was born January 30, 1937 in London, England. During the early to mid 1900s, the Redgrave’s were one of the UK’s most loved and well respected acting families.

Vanessa’s father, Sir Michael Redgrave, was a talented actor who worked alongside such legends as Laurence Olivier.

Vanessa’s entire family, past and present, were talented actors. Her sister Lynn appeared in films and on stage, and her brother Corin was a widely successful stage director and stage actor. After marrying actor Tony Richardson in the 1960s, Vanessa had two children, Natasha and Joely Richardson, who are both respected actors.

Growing up in such a family, Vanessa knew acting is what she wanted to do at an early age. Much of her childhood was spent watching her mother and father on the stage, as well as watching her family’s friends on the big screen, and by the time she was 20, Vanessa debuted in 1957’s play, A Touch of the Sun.

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