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The Best of Vegas' Entertainment - The Naughty Boys Hypnosis Show
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19 February 2010

The Best of Vegas' Entertainment - The Naughty Boys Hypnosis ShowBalancing raunchy humor with hypnosis is certainly a Las Vegas specialty, and no hypnotist was better at the art than Dr. Naughty. Much of what youll find in Vegas today is something passed down from a previous generation, and the Naughty Boys Hypnosis Show is certainly no exception.

Dr. Naughty left more than an entertaining legacy behind he left two sons, Corbin Craft and Rolan Whitt. These two brothers are currently entertaining fans at the Harmon Theater outside of Planet Hollywood in Sin City. As their father before them, the Naughty boys live up to their name with their brand of bawdy hypnosis.

The Naughty Boys are able to do something that few Vegas hypnotists have been able to do in the past, and thats pull off a live show without any plants in the audience or prescreened actors lending their talents to the show. Basically, the boys will grab any audience member willing to volunteer and put them on stage.

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