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Absinthe, the show of intoxicating circus and burlesque
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14 May 2011

Caesars Palace is the venue of one of the most extraordinary shows to hit Las Vegas and the show is the amazing Absinthe. This incredible mixture of circus and burlesque is the brain storm of Spiegleworld and BASE International who have come up with a show that offers audiences the old world burlesque, carnival and pure decadence in a performance that will leave them speechless.

The Roman Plaza at the front of Caesars Palace has been transformed into a playground filled with extraordinarily entrancing entertainment. This unique show comes alive as the sun goes down and provides a pure fantasy world for all those who enter into it. There is so much to get involved with as the spectators wonder through a maze of 20th century European décor that captivates the imagination in so many different ways and leads them to the centre piece of the show.

The main attraction takes place in a central wooden tent that is generously decorated with flamboyant mirrors, colorful stained glass windows and opulent velvet drapes. This European feel of decadence is just the beginning of some of the most outlandish acts that unfold in the round theatre. This adult show is a surreal experience for all who take part in the excesses that the cast perform just a few feet away from them in breathtaking acts that will enthrall them.

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Walking Tour with Professional Photographer in the Big Apple
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17 April 2011

The New York City Walking Tour with Professional Photographer offers an irresistible chance for visitors to explore the city with a photographer as the tour guide. However, not everyone can afford professional cameras and posses the skills of handling them. Traveling with the heavy bulk is not an easy feat either, so most people prefer the handy and lightweight digital cameras which produce pictures of far less quality.

The assigned photographer is charged with the duties of bringing the customers to the famous landmarks around New York City and to offer his photography service when needed. Services can be catered from individual to group tours but not party tours where you walk around with complete strangers. This is certainly a perk to those who prefer to take a stroll to the places at their own pace.

New York City is a big place and it is quite impossible to finish up a tour on foot here. The majority of the tour is concentrated around the Manhattan area such as the Downtown and Midtown Manhattans, where many famous attractions are found. Pictures can be taken overlooking the famous Rockefeller Centre, the busy 5th Avenue and more along the Soho and Greenwich buildings around Downtown Manhattan.

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Blast from the Past at the Lyndhurst Castle
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25 March 2011

Have you ever wonder what it feels like to be in the 11th century? Think knights in shining armour on horseback and the whole royal family sitting on the long table to feast. Well, you can visit one located just outside New York City; the Lyndhurst Medieval Castle in New Jersey, built to orchestrate the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament.

Visitors will be ushered into the castle with the music of Trumpeters and Heralders. It is like a step into the past because once you are inside the castle, the workers there are all in medieval costumes and the best part of the replication would be the ancient speech spoken by them. Visitors have to make a selection for the Knight that they want to support during the tournament and the hostess will then arrange the visitors to the relevant check-in areas.

Upon checking in, crowns made from cardboard will be given to the visitors and the colours will match the Knights that they support. The King of the Castle, King Philippe and his daughter, Princess Leonore come and join the table for group pictures. The pictures are then sold to the tables as a memento of the evening.

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New York TV and Movie Sites Tour
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19 February 2011

New York City has been centre stage on the big screen since filming began and over the years has become the most filmed city in the world.  The New York TV and movie sites tour takes you round this exceptional city of stardom, stopping at all the most filmed places for your recollection of movies past and present.  You will be taken behind the scenes of once midtown and uptown Manhattan film sets, where you can relive the movie experience.

You can check out TV hotspots from famous shows like; The Sopranos, Sex and The City, Gossip Girl and films such as; Taxi Driver with Robert Di Nero and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Go behind the scenes of popular shows such as; Ugly Betty, Law and Order and friends.  You can take a break at these classic TV hotspots with a coffee or bite to eat and picture the stars walking by in there acting roles.

The list of films for which this city has played host is endless with top blockbusters including; Ghostbusters, Spider-Man, I am Legend and the Devil Wears Prada.  All the sets from the different locations of Upper West Side, Columbus Circle, Central Park West and Upper East Side can be visited on the New York TV and movie sites tour, even off the beaten track locations don’t get left out of this fun packed adventure.

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A Review of the Long Island Wineries & Outlet Shopping Tour in New York City
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01 February 2011

The Long Island Wineries and Outlet Shopping Tour of New York is the perfect day trip to experience the culture at the heart of the famous American city. It’s well suited to couples and friends alike.

This day trip would be an excellent gift for the wine connoisseur, as New York wines are extremely high in quality and famous throughout the globe. The day is coupled with a wonderful guided shopping trip to the best outlets.

The tour starts off at Riverhead, where you will enjoy a lovely country style breakfast with breathtaking views of the beautiful scenery. From there you will continue on to the North Fork, which is the wine making hub of New York.

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Classic Cars: 1964 Ford Mustang 289
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19 August 2010

Classic Cars: 1964 Ford Mustang 289Ford was the first big-time automaker in America and one of the first popular mass produced lines around the globe. Henry Ford single-handedly ushered in a new era of automobiles with his early releases, but none would go on to identify an era like the release of the Ford Mustang in the 1960s. American muscle was already a genre thanks to Chevy, but Ford took it to a new level.

The Mustang is still one of Ford’s most popular models, with millions sold every year, but the first release in 1964 was something well ahead of its time.

Based on the Ford Falcon, the Mustang was designed to be a “pony car” – a two-door coupe sporty car with a short rear deck and long hood. It has been described using many terms, such as a sports car and roadster, but most Mustang enthusiasts know the brand as simply Ford muscle.

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Biography Of Screen and Stage Legend Fred Astaire
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24 June 2010

Biography Of Screen and Stage Legend Fred Astaire Born on May 10, 1899 in Omaha, Nebraska, Fred Astaire is highly regarded as one of the earliest and most influential celebrity entertainers of the 20th century. His career, spanning Broadway, Hollywood and even the popular charts as a recording artist, is one of the most celebrated in American history.

Astaire was born Frederick Austerlitz to second-generation German and Jewish immigrants. The family had moved to Nebraska due to Astaire’s father landing a job with a brewing company. Fred’s mother prompted her children to perform as a way to escape the drab surroundings, and Fred and his sister Adele soon started performing their act.

The family returned to New York City soon after Fred’s father lost his job. In 1905, the brother-sister act started to use the name Astaire instead of Austerlitz and the duo soon became known as the best child act in the area. After Adele sprung up a few inches taller than Fred, the pair took a break.

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The Mentalist - Top Las Vegas Shows
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26 February 2010

The Mentalist - Top Las Vegas ShowsLong before Simon Baker started playing a keen detective, able to solve stone who-done-its by mastering the powers of the human mind, Gerry McCambridge was the original Mentalist literally. Gerry had a television showThe Mentalistin 2004 and, all told, has been entertaining audiences with his unique brand of entertainment for 30 years.

Gerry has built his celebrity star up by merging his own talents of the mind with skills he learned from his father, a New York City detective. The result has been an ongoing act in Sin City for decades: The Mentalist. Formerly playing at Hooters, Gerry McCambridges show can now be found at Planet Hollywood on an ongoing basis.

The Mentalist is able to blend a few different styles into one act. For starters, Gerrys mind is absolutely amazing when compared to other hacky acts and flash-in-the-pan startups around Vegas. He also blends in some magic, like Copperfield on a miniature scale, and even some comedy, for those loving a good laugh.

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Top 10 Things You Must Do In New York
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15 January 2010

Top 10 Things You Must Do In New YorkNew York city, New York is the most famous city in America and among the most famous in the entire world. It pulls in millions of tourists every year and subsequently billions of dollars due to the plethora of shows, statues, buildings, museums and other historical landmarks and attractions. If you’re visiting NYC anytime in the near future, there are certain things you have to do while there.

In no particular order, here are the top ten things you must do in New York.

See the Statue of Liberty. This pure copper statue, standing 305-feet tall (in total from ground to torch), was a gift from the French, commemorating America’s freedom. Since arriving in New York in 1886 and being reconstructed, piece by piece, millions of visitors-around 3 million annually for the past few decades-have walked up the stairs inside the statue and peered out at the city from inside.

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Overview of Christie's - the leading auction house on the planet
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08 October 2009

Overview of Christie's - the leading auction house on the planetCurrently the largest and leading auction house on the planet, Christie’s deals primarily in fine arts and has an extremely impressive resume, boasting world records for sale prices and revenue. There is also a shroud of mystery surrounding Christie’s. Many have speculated that the auction house is full of corruption, and various investigations have been conducted in attempts to prove these allegations true.

Today, Christie’s locations can be found all over the world. The company’s main salesroom is headquartered in London on King Street in the St. James’s quarter of the city, and has been in the same location since 1823. There’s also a London salesroom in South Kensington, opened in 1975.

Christie’s currently has 85 offices around the world. Not all offices are official salesrooms, but all are pertinent to the auction business. These offices can be found in New York City, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Paris, Moscow, Geneva, Berlin, Spain, Milan, Rome, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Mexico City, and many other locations. Christie’s was also the first auction house to exhibit works in Beijing, China, breaking the international barrier.

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Top US Restaurant Review - Per Se, NYC
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29 August 2009

Top US Restaurant Review - Per Se, NYCNew York City is the hub of all things global. Known by many different names, including “the city that never sleeps,” New York offers residents and tourists a unique blend of culture and entertainment. With the award-winning restaurant in the Time Warner Center, “Per Se,” guests get a healthy dose of both culture and entertainment in one sitting.

There’s no denying the ambiance and commanding presence of Per Se. Located on the fourth floor of the Time Warner skyscraper, Per Se is a beautifully constructed restaurant placed right in the heart of one of New York’s most treasured buildings. The property has the highest market value in the city, and the restaurant is its new crowning achievement.

After The French Laundry transformed the talented Thomas Keller into the in-demand head chef of the United States, he was able to open Per Se. The chef de cuisine is also one of the world’s finest - Jonathan Benno. Per Se opened in February of 2004 to a crowd that highly anticipated good things due to Keller’s’ extremely high profile.

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World's Top Watchmakers - Bulgari
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17 June 2009

World's Top Watchmakers - Bulgari

A good watch is often considered to be one of the finest instances of craftsmanship on the planet. The best watches, the timeless classics, can cost a small fortune. They're more than timepieces; they're small marvels of human ingenuity that you can't rightly put value on.

One of the world's finest watch brands is Bulgari. For over 100 years, Bulgari has been a driving force of innovation in the watch-making world. Their brand has expanded to include clothes, other jewelry, fragrances, and more, but to most, they'll always be craftsmen of fine timepieces.

Although their brand is pushing over 100 years old, their legacy dates back thousands of years. The Bulgari family is a direct descendent of an ancient line of Greek silversmiths. If predisposition plays any factor at all in the way people live their lives, the Bulgari's were destined to be craftsmen.

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