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A Review of the Black Swan Yacht by Camper & Nicholson
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19 February 2011

The Black Swan Yacht built by Camper & Nicolsons is a classic yacht that many people dream of owning and sailing. The yacht was commissioned by Major Selwin Calverley and subsequently designed by Charles Ernest Nicholson.

Brynhyld was the original name of the yacht, and it was renamed Changrilla, before its final name was given as Black Swan. It was launched in 1899 from the Camper & Nicholson yard in Gosport, England.

The Black Swan is one of the oldest classic yachts, and is a truly stunning work of art. During the period 2000 to 2002, the yacht was renovated. The planking at the bottom was totally restored along with the entire deck.

During this period the spars (masts) were replaced as well as the rigging, and at the same time the two engines went through a complete rebuild to maintain the efficiency and quality of the yacht. The electrics and plumbing were also totally renewed.

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